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Pixel Perfect Web Design and Web Development in Toronto...

Site Mafia utilizes all of the latest development technologies to create unique and innovative sites. Our sites and applications are developed using our very own Skelleton FrameworkTM. We thrive on modern development practices such as:

  • Agile Management and Development
  • (DRY) Don't Repeat Yourself
  • (KISS) Keep it Simple Stupid
  • (MVC) Model-View-Controller
  • Advanced Templating / Dynamic SEO Optimization
  • Routing and Clean URLs

Your success is ours.

That said, our primary goal is to bring out the best possible media presence for our clients – by a job well done from an elite team of designers backed by cutting edge technical expertise and services. We are a full service professional web design company with online marketing services that can re-brand your corporate identity, redesign your existing web site, or help you reach out with traditional marketing. Our web development teams are based out of Toronto, Ontario and Pembroke, Ontario.

Our services are based on competitive hourly rates and we bill by the minute. Contact us at now for a FREE quote.

Alternative Billing Practices

We are open to alternative project billing such as:

  • Equity Partnerships
  • Flat Project Billing
  • Service Bartering
  • ...

We specialize in:

  • Professional web site design and web development
  • Costom Web application development
  • Facebook Application Development using Graph API
  • E-commerce software and shopping cart software
  • Custom Content Management
  • Web page animations and Flash design
  • Corporate identities and branding
  • Internet marketing services and consulting
  • Graphic design company for print materials

Basic Coding / Prototyping
/ Maintenance Services

(HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, XML, XSL, XSLT)

Custom Programming / Database

(PHP,, Perl, C, JSP, Java, Ruby on Rails [HAML & SASS], jQuery)